April May June is an artist-run boutique designer devoted to providing high quality, one-of-a-kind clothing articles and accessories.  Owner and designer Valerie Skakun was originally to have been named April May June Skakun, but fate intervened and she has since carried on this quirky word combination with her unique clothing and accessory designs.


Throughout the April May June collection, themes of the natural world abound – from the colorful cracks and crevices of “Magmatic Earthquake”, to the interstellar depths of “The Universe is Expanding”.  Feelings of spring serve as another connecting thread, evoking the annual rebirth, bright color palette, and lush textures we all associate with April, May, and June. 


April May June offers a diverse portfolio of patterns.  While the patterns can be replicated, the designs are hand-dyed on cotton in small batches, ensuring that each individual piece is handcrafted separately with dedication to detail, and that each article will be unique and distinct.  Every step along the way is done by hand – the pre-wash, vat dye bath, hand-painting, and dye transfer prevention treatment are all carried out with loving hands in a Brooklyn backyard. 


April May June currently works with clients such as Found My Animal, Free People and Stock Vintage to produce custom dye jobs.


With all of this in mind, our goal is to remain a small business that produces a collection with personality. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of wholesale orders.


All April May June products are handmade in Brooklyn, NY.


For all contact e-mail [email protected]

Seafoam Vat Beach Dye Freedom Fly